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Story Title: A Day At The Store With Taylor Hanson
Author's Name: Christa
Disclaimers: I donít know or own any part of Hanson. I wish I did though. This is my first story so it my suck.
Categories: Spanking....?
Summary: Taylor and his brothers go to the store with their mom...
Rating: I donít know...
Warnings: This includes spanking and some cuss words.

On with the story now....

***In The Hotel Room***
Hanson was on tour in Europe for their MMMBop tour. Diana needing
to go shopping for some snacks for her younger children asked Ike,
Tay, and Zac "Can you 3 come to the store with me?"
"Sure" replied all 3 in unison.
***At The Store***
"Mom can I go look at the magazines while Ike and Zac help you?"
asked Tay.
"You can't go off by yourself Tay" said Diana.
"Awww mom Jason can go with me" replied Tay.
"Taylor the answer is still no" said Diana starting to get aggravated
with Taylor.
"God damn it mom that isn't right" said Taylor to his mom as he
started to walk off.
"Jordan Taylor Hanson get back here right this minute!" shouted
"Shut the hell up mom!" shouted Taylor back to his mom.
Diana after hearing Taylor say that said to Ike and Zac "you 2 stay
here with Jason while I go after your brother" then she ran after
Taylor and when she finally caught up to him grabbed his arm and
jerked him around to face her then she said "DON'T YOU EVER talk like
that to me again" and after she said that she smacked Taylor's face 2
times and then spanked him 10 times and said "that is not all you are
going to get after your father hears about your behavior today" and
with that said she still having a hold of Tay's arm took him over to
where Jason and his brothers were standing and then finished shopping.
***Back In The Hotel Room***
Tay still pissed off at his mother walked past his dad and laid on
the bed and got out his book and started to read as Diana told Walker
about Tay's behavior in the store.
Walker after talking to Diana went over to the bed where Taylor was
laying down and said "Jordan Taylor Hanson what has gotten into you?"
"Nothing dad" replied Tay.
"Nothing well then tell me why you acted that way earlier" said
"I don't know why" replied Tay.
"Oh you don't do you well how about I help you remember Tay" said
Walker looking at Taylor then said to Ike "will you bring me the
hairbrush Ike?" Ike looking at Tay sympathetically went to get the
hairbrush for his father.
"All right Tay get up and drop 'em" said Walker.
So Tay not wanting to make his father anymore mad did as he was
told. So Walker grabbed Tay by his hand and guided him over his lap
and started to spank him and all Tay could do was lay there and try
to get away by kicking and crying and Ike just coming back in the
room with the hairbrush for his dad saw this and Walker kept on
spanking Tay until he had spanked him for 4 minutes then he
said "hand me the hairbrush Ike" and Ike handed his dad the hairbrush.
Then Walker having the hairbrush started to swat Tay's bare bottom
for a total of 60 times then laid the hairbrush down on the table and
helped Tay to his feet.
Then Tay very carefully pulled up his boxers and jeans and Walker
said "maybe next time you will think twice before talking like that
again, but if you decide to use that kind of language again you will
get the belt next time. Is that understood Taylor?"
"Yes" said Taylor rubbing his sore bottom and going outside on the
little porch area to get some fresh air.

Written By: Christa Hanson
Date: Monday, September 23, 2002